Observer of character + sincerity + all things kind
Addicted to love stories + netflix marathons + family
Thrive on good vibes + deep connections + community
Ravenous for enrichment + unforgettable memories + mind-blowing food
Admirer of patience + discipline + unconditional love
Believer of honesty compassion + Jesus

Hi everyone, thanks so much for stopping by! Of course, my bio photo includes my husband and littles -- I am so many things but my favorite is being their wife and mama. So blessed to have those two sweet, handsome guys an our newest blessing always supporting me and my passions. Fashion, writing, decorating, drawing and anything that has to do with creating+designing are all things that make my artistic soul dance but not as much as Photography - by far my favorite creative outlet.


+ What is your style?
My style depends on the day and the feel of my clients; it can be light and airy or dark and moody but always more documentary-based with magical lighting, location and aesthetics in mind. I take a few "cookie cutter" photos with everyone smiling and looking at the camera for that holiday card or to give to the grandparents but for the rest of the session, my goals are to capture authentic emotion and organic movement and to create captivating and artistic images. My style, like myself, has so many layers and is inspired by all the beautiful and unique places I have had the pleasure of living in - easygoing, adventurous and filled with aloha from my days in Hawaii and free-spirited, minimal and soulful from my time in California. I've come a long way from Miami's glitz and glam (where I grew up) but I've kept its fiery passion and appreciation for fashion and beauty. No matter where I've moved to, my filipino roots have kept me a hopeless romantic, family oriented and driven by the heart. Documenting connections between loved ones, the unique personalities of each of my subjects and all the little details in the everyday that make life precious is what my heart and camera crave to do.

+ What does your gear include?
Thanks to my husband, I have the Ah-mazing Canon 5D Mark III but honestly the camera doesn't matter. Some of my best (and award winning) work is from my Canon T3 which I also bring to sessions as a back up.
My studio is equipped with lights, baskets, wraps, blankets, headbands, suitcases, trunks and other props for newborn-toddler sessions. 

+ Where are you located?
Currently based out of Jacksonville, Florida but available everywhere and anywhere! Destination packages are customized by your location and session type. Session or travel expenses waived for extra enticing locations. Ask me where I'm traveling to next - it might just be in the same area you are located or traveling to :)

+ Why should I hire you?
Because you love my work, my vision, my style, and you trust me to handle your priceless memories. Please don't hire me (or any other photographer) because of prices. I've had too many people come to me because they like my low prices and I always have to make sure they like my style too. Its so so so important to me that my clients end up with photos they hang up on their walls because they are proud of them and want to show them off for years to come, not just because they were cheap. I've also had too many clients come to me because they did not end up liking the photos they received from a previous photographer. This is so sad! I can't imagine what its like to hate my photos especially after a trip, wedding or birth. Please do your research before choosing a photographer - look through their portfolio, pay attention to the lighting, the tones and how the subjects are posed. These are once in a lifetime moments and you should make sure to hire someone you trust will capture them beautifully. If you like my style, contact me! I would love love love to work with you! :)

+ How do I book you?
Contact me through this form, through email - DianneKrista@passportsandlullabies.com or by messaging me on Facebook. I will respond back to you within a week (If I don't, forgive me and try another route in case your first attempt went to my spam folder) to start planning your dream session. You will also receive a PDF packed with more information on my style, the details of each package and what to expect during your session. Once you pick a date and location, I will send you a questionnaire so I can better get to know you and your family along with a session agreement and payment request. A payment of half of your package rate is needed to reserve your date and book your session. 


+ family is everything.
+ if you've been over for dinner, you are family.
+ dreamy electronic + sinatra + 90s r&b + island reggae + reggae-ton
+ sucker for soulful lyrics + romantic poetry.
+ also a sucker for a good view - no matter how many miles I have to hike to see it.
+ meeting people is one of my favorite parts about traveling.
+ make me laugh or teach me something new.
+ believer of radical empathy.
+ deep, enriching conversations are my favorite.
+ so are ROFL moments and people who don't take themselves too seriously.
+ once I allow you in, you're in for good.
+ goodbyes are the worst.
+ e v e r y o n e in my life is irreplaceable.
+ places, food, people resonate with me forever.
+ the way they made me feel is never forgotten.
+ acts of kindness, support, thoughtfulness, compassion, generosity, and love are also never forgotten.
+ marinated by the past and soaker of the present.
+ blessed to have a husband who accepts and embraces it all.
+ and who listens every time I reminisce (and its a lot).
+ maybe its because of his terrible memory - why I take so many pictures.
+ 11 years with my best friend, 8 years being called his wife, 4 years being called his baby mama. Its been amazing (even if I constantly have to remind him of it) and not long enough.
+ our 4 year old and newborn are also why I take so many photos. They are growing too fast.
+ I don’t want to forget any of it.

Ask me anything! DianneKrista@passportsandlullabies.com