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Maternity Beach Session

Maternity Beach Session


We had just gotten back from an unforgettable trip from Ireland, missing it badly and wanting to go back already when this Irish mama-to-be reached out to me for a session. I was so excited to talk all things Ireland, be around my favorite accent and get our craic on (yea, I’m a little crazy obsessed) but once we started chatting and planning, this mama-to-be’s heart alone won my excitement. Sweet from beginning to end - both her and her hubby. AND beautiful! Finally found the perfect mama to wear the white boho dress I had been saving. She absolutely rocked it! #pregnancygoals


R Family Session | In-Home | Naples

Before all my sessions, I ask my clients to answer a questionnaire so I can get to know them a little more. One of the questions asked is to describe their family in 3 words. This awesome mama used the word "superstar". I knew then that this was going to be an extra fun session and I could not wait to meet them. I ended up taking and delivering way more pictures than usual but with pajamas, jumping on the bed, the tons of laughs and kisses - I could not resist. Total superstars!