Montana Lodge and Spa

La Thuile, Aosta Valley, Italy


  • Indoor pool

  • Full spa facilities

  • Kid friendly

    • Kids club/play area steps below the dining area and bar

    • children allowed in the spa until 5 pm

  • Complimentary breakfast buffet

  • Within the mountains and close to slopes

  • Complimentary shuttle to ski lifts

  • Non-smoking

  • Small dog friendly

Spa Facilities


Along with a heated indoor pool with breathtaking views, the spa facility includes a sauna, steam room, reading and lounge areas. During our stay, the majority of the guests were on the slopes so the spa was empty - only one other family was there a the same time we were. Liam and the hubby had a blast in the pool while I got some peace and quiet in the different saunas. Can we live here?! (<- actually possible: you can purchase a home on the property!)

Complimentary Breakfast Buffet


When its cold and snowing out, the last thing you want to have to do is go out there to get something to eat, especially with kids in tow. This is why the food available wherever we are staying is so important to us. At Montana Lodge and Spa, breakfast, lunch, dinner AND happy hour were all phenomenal!

  • The complimentary breakfast buffet was more than just the typical italian breakfast of caffe and cornetti, decked out with all the seeds, nuts, jams, and toppings you can imagine. Cereal, yogurt, fruits, cheese, pastries and freshly made omelets were available.

  • Try the carbonara for lunch. One of the best we’ve ever had and it was on the kids menu!

  • Dinner was a full room so make reservations when you check-in.

  • Children can play in the kids club after eating or while you are enjoying wine and a cheese platter during the happy hour social.


Decor + Service

Montana Lodge and Spa had by far the most contemporary decor in all of the places we stayed in in Italy. A perfect balance of traditional warmth with its wooden backdrop and brown tones along with modern luxury with its iron accents and sleek furnishings.

The service too had the perfect balance of tradition and progression. The staff was sophisticated and fluent in english but without any pretentiousness. They were as welcoming and warm, and of course loving to children, as hosts of any tiny bed and breakfast in Italy.

The cherry on top - it was my birthday week when we stayed here so they made me a cake <3. I would gladly celebrate my birthday here every year if I could. Hint, hint hubby.



Closest Cities/Airports

  • 2.5 hour drive from Milan, Italy

  • 1.45 hours drive from Torino, Italy

  • 1.45 hours drive from Geneva, Switzerland (crossing international borders)

Closest Train Station - Aosta Valley Train Station

**During the winter months, get tire chains for your car and drive during the day when heading over there for the first time. The roads are single lane and VERY windy, up and down the mountains. Plus you’ll be able to see and enjoy the view of the Aosta Valley.




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