Last night, I fell asleep to my husband folding laundry. We usually go to bed together but I was so tired from a long day of editing photos, learning new photography techniques and planning an upcoming trip that I passed out while working. The last thing I remember was my husband folding laundry at the edge of the bed and him removing my computer off my lap as I fell into a deep slumber.

When I woke up this morning, I realized all the things my husband did last night while I was busy in work mode. After putting Liam to bed, he went to the grocery store, cleared out and organized the fridge for the new goodies, took out the trash and recycling, did the dishes AND did the the laundry. It was so tough saying goodbye to him before he went to work.
Actually, its always difficult saying goodbye every morning (unless I'm still asleep). I usually ask for repeated kisses, long, death grip hugs or for him to lay in bed with me for a couple minutes hoping he'll melt into the bed and pass out.
This time, I tried the repeated hugs, not letting go. It didn't work though, he still had to leave. As soon as he did, I texted him how grateful I was for a husband like him. He probably didn't even get to the car yet but my heart was so full and I missed him so much already that I needed to tell him right that minute. When he got to work, he responded with, "Just parked. Love you baby girl. There's chuck roast and brown rice for you and Liam already cooked." He had ALSO put chuck roast in the slow cooker last night. I mean... what more can a girl ask for?

Well, there was more. This time from the other love of my life. A couple of hours after daddy left for work, Liam told me he loves me!! While Liam and I were playing in the dining room, I said I love you, like I do several times during the day. He responded with "iii youuu." Unsure of what he said, I told him I love you again and again he responded with "iii youuu." Still in disbelief, I said I love you again and this time he responded with "iii youu. huggiees" and hugged me. I absolutely melted.

My heart is SO FULL right now but with all this happiness comes worry. Lots of it. Whenever life feels this good (which gratefully, it happens often), I get an intense overwhelming feeling of fear that it could all come crashing down by something or someone being taken away from me. I know that other than prayer, those sort of things are out of my control and you really never know whats going to happen so what helps to keep my worries at bay is to tell the world and my boys how much I love them or "iii youuu" them and how much they make me feel loved everyday. If ever anything were to happen (knock on wood), at least I told them.