The birthday boy stayed up until midnight partying with his guests last night so we decided to just stay in pajamas all day today. Spending the day snuggling and watching him open his presents with such excitement and curiosity and play with his new toys with such focus and independence did not help keep the emotions in check. Why is he growing so fast!?

This didn't help with the tears either...
I grew up having the best brother I could ever ask for and now Liam gets to grow up with the best Uncle/Godfather he could ever ask for.

"For Liam Jorge
Keep looking out at the world as you do
As something that needs to be explored
Not only with the body
But with the mind and the heart as well
Speak honestly and with conviction.
Words have a way of coming back to you. 
The gum you find on the streets and underneath desks are not free candy
Chase butterflies
Don't chase the attention and affection of those not deserving of yours
See don't look
Listen don't hear
Speak to don't talk at
Manners rewards itself
Hold the door!
Don't bully my future kids
Hand me downs!
Look out for your cousins
They're the first real friends you make
Make real friends
Imaginary friends will always think your ideas are great but you're gonna need those friends that tell you when you're being dumb.
Loyalty isn't a trait only found in pets
Appreciation rewards itself
Don't take yourself for granted 
Chivalry isn't dead
But you don't have to always be the hero
You can't save everyone
There's not as many damsels in distress as you may think
Most of the time they're just hungry
Love honestly, faithfully, unapologetically and wholeheartedly 
Don't put gum in her hair
Or call her fat
Dude, don't ever call her fat. 
Don't settle for comfortable
Don't settle for routine
Don't settle. 
Ask questions even if you're afraid of the answer
You miss all the shots you don't take
A good jump shot requires balance
Shoot with purpose
Your guide hand is there for a reason
Be fearless like your dad when attacking the basket
Learn to play without the ball
Ramen shouldn't be the extent of your cooking ability 
Don't be afraid to ask your mom to change the channel because you're tired of watching E!
Sometimes the most obvious answer is the right answer
There's a time for everything
And timing is everything 
People leave. That doesn't have to mean that they're gone.
I may not be there but I'm always around.
The people you love have a way of coming back to you. 
Make your mama proud
Make your daddy proud
If a girl breaks your heart
I will date her mom and ruin her life
Create your own footprints.
And I know you can't read yet but words have a way of coming back to you. 
Happy Birthday! I love you - Uncle John"

Thank you for this <3 I know this will be something he will look back on and read over and over as he grows.

Happiest birthday to our sweet, energetic, wild baby boy! You are our everything <3